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UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia
JCDecaux, Dubai Airports and Mall of the Emirates Launch a Bespoke Dynamic Campaign for the First
Time at Dubai International

Dubai, 25 January 2017– Mall of the Emirates, one of the most popular shopping malls in the United Arab Emirates, has teamed up with JCDecaux Dicon, the Middle-East subsidiary of JCDecaux, to launch a digital campaign at Dubai International showcasing Dynamic Content in Arabic, Russian, Chinese and English based on flight schedules, making their communication more relevant to the consumer.

The technical innovation, provided by JCDecaux’s digital creative hub "JCDecaux Dynamic" offers brands new and exciting opportunities to reach their target audience through contextually aware advertising and innovative creative, these messages are adapted to the time of day, the type of audience, the weather conditions or real time feeds linked to a multiple number of visuals.

David Hawkins, Sales Director for JCDecaux Dubai & Northern Emirates said:"As the number one outdoor advertising company in the Middle-East and worldwide, we are proud to launch this innovative digital campaign at Dubai International, our long-time partner. Creating dynamic content for brands has proven to be beneficial in engaging deeper with audiences, through increased awareness, recall and brand perception, benefiting passengers whilst optimizing visibility for our clients. This is a further recognition of JCDecaux’s expertise in creating tailored solutions for airports."

The Dynamic Campaign, which is a debut at the world’s busiest international airport Dubai International, is taking place on a network of 56 screens located on each baggage carousel of terminal 3, the airport’s busiest terminal, allowing Mall of the Emirates to convey their message strategically at a key location with a dwell time area to a primary target audience.